How to Face Google’s December 2020 Core Update

The SEO masters must be crying 😭 at the moment as Google announced the rollout of the December 2020 core update. The roll-out has already started on December 3, 2020.

This year this is a third core algorithm update. As Google always says that content makers should focus more on the quality of the content, the December 2020 core update will also be synergic for the publishers who are working hard to create quality content.


What is the Core Algorithm Update?

Usually, Google releases the broad core algorithm updates many times in a year to polish up search results quality and provide improved services to its search engine users. Several ranking factors work behind every core update.

This actually concludes that ranking factors that are working to rank your website primarily may or may not be ranking factors after the next broad core algorithm update. For example, in one core update, Google has focused on speed performance [ranking factor] of websites. Now in the recent release of the core update, Google is focusing more on content quality as a new ranking factor [it existed earlier too, but now the focus is even more].

The Latest core update is delayed a bit due to the Corona pandemic.

Why Do Google Algorithm Changes So Often?

  • To improve search result quality.
  • So search engine users can get what they exactly want.
  • To support websites that make original and quality content.
  • To discourage websites, who are violating search engine guidelines [Google webmaster guidelines].

How SEO Experts are Reacting to the Latest Core Algorithm Update

Usually, SEOs never be comfortable with any core algorithm update because their websites may experience a sudden fall of rankings and loss of web traffic [this is what for they are paid off]. Certainly, it seems that they need to start from zero once again.

These core updates offer some positives as well. It rewards the SEOs and individual site owners for their genuine optimization work [As Google’s core updates never work negatively for the people with ethics ✌].

Let see some funny reactions of SEO guys around the world-

What’s the Focus of December 2020 Core Update?

Google rolls out every broad core algorithm update with a focused goal. December 2020 core update is 100% focused on the content quality of websites.

One thing is certain, the core updates are the most dynamic as compared to other Google updates. In my opinion, the relevancy of content with time will matter a lot.

Let’s understand this with an example:- In the current time, many websites are creating content about the Corona pandemic, and these websites are getting huge traffic. This means every content related to Corona Pandemic is very relevant in 2020 and 2021. Assume that pandemic will be ended in the mid-2021. In this case, as per Google’s latest core update, content related to the Corona pandemic will not be relevant in 2021-end or after that other than research work. So automatically search ranking of these websites will go down periodically.

How Supported Structured Data Will be Playing a Crucial Role?

I will explain it in a simple language so that beginners could understand the mystery as well. We have discussed that December 2020 core update is focused on quality content. In my opinion, supported structured data is key to create quality content, and search engines read it very efficiently [through, which converts your content into a code readable by search engines]. Further, search engines generate rich snippets. And finally, these rich snippets generate better search results for the users.

When any beginner starts a blog, it is difficult for him to create the content in an organized way. Let’s understand the meaning of the word ‘organized content’ with the help of an image-

Example of rich snippet powered by structured data

In the above image, you can see a step by step approach is being used by the creator. Also, what does this recipe include, and how much time does it take to prepare? So this is called structured data, which produces rich snippets in search results similar to the above-mentioned image.

Now we can conclude that structured data assist you in creating quality content. That’s what December 2020 core update is all about 👍.

Just for your information, Google doesn’t read structured data to know more about your website or page. It just crawls to produce rich search results. At this point, my suggestion to you:- take a smart move and create content with structured data as much as you can because concurrently, you are creating quality content that Google loves.

We are talking a lot about quality content. Google has already published the guidelines for webmasters on the core updates. These guidelines include a set of questions for the content creators and webmasters to perform self-assessment of created content.

My overview and final conclusion over Google’s guidelines for webmasters –

  • Your headlines must be relevant to the content.
  • Your content must show originality, which means it should show that you have extensive research and analysis before publishing it.
  • Your content must be publishable. Have you got it? No! ok, let’s assume you offer your content to a reputed publishing house, and certainly, they accept your proposal to publish it 😇.
  • You must involve some data or some proof that supports the trustworthiness of your content.
  • Your content must be free of grammatical, spelling errors. It should be highly communicable [anyone can understand it readily].
  • Do not insert a bunch of ads that would be distracting a reader from the core content.
  • Your website and content should be responsive. It must be designed in such a way that it shows compatibility with devices like mobile and tablets.
  • Insert yourself in the brain of your readers and design the content the way they want. This process depicts that your content will portray value addition.

Apart from this, Google strongly believes in the E-A-T concept that you must know.

  • E – Expertise
  • A – Authoritativeness
  • T – Trustworthiness

Your whole content should meet all the conditions based on the E-A-T concept.

For more information on ranking factors and search quality factors, Google has separate guidelines, which are being called search quality rater guidelines. You can take it as the Bible of Google search engine’s do’s and don’ts. Also, through these guidelines, Google has elaborated that what exactly the search engine giant expects from the content creators?

How to Recover from Google’s Core Update

Well, there is no certain answer to this puzzle. Just keep working on creating quality content by keeping factors in your mind suggested by Google.

You must be anxious with one question in your mind all the time that how badly December 2020 core update or any other broad core algorithm update is going to impact your work. Here, I would tap your shoulder, and say don’t worry. Google does not publish the core updates to ruin your work but to serve people with more relevant and quality content to the end-user.

So the fact of the matter is, websites with relevant content are going to rise whereas toxic websites will fall, and this is not a conclusion. Because good websites will also lose their rankings.

Here point to be noted that if good websites also lose their ranking in search results when any Google algorithm changes start rolling out, it would be for a while. On some days, relevant websites with quality content will be up again, even with improved rankings.

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