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BlogStudies is one of the fastest-growing WordPress treasure sites founded by Sandeep. It publishes WordPress tutorials, product reviews, and product comparison articles regularly. We put some affiliate links or referral links in our content. When you buy any product or service via these affiliate links, we earn a little commission in return.

We are disclosing that we do not endorse any affiliate links for the sake of earning money only. Note that you will not require to pay any additional money while buying via our affiliate links. Infect, you will get a handsome discount on the regular product price.

We also disclosing that we insert the affiliate links for the product or services only when we ourself using them, have history using them or we have researched them thoroughly.

Type of Affiliate links We Use in Our Content

Links in Between Content

The moment you are reading any of our content you may see orange-colored text in between. It will redirect you to the 3rd party’s product page. Also, it may redirect you to another blog article. Check examples below-

Affiliate link in Content:- Bluehost is one the most recommended hosting company that provides the best hosting solution, with a free domain name.

In the above example the orange colored Bluehost text contains a affiliate link.

You may also come across to affiliate links containing referrer ID. These links would be in the form of proper links like mentioned below-


You will find banner links in the form of images with clickable properties. Once you click on them they will redirect you to the product page. Check some examples below.


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