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Hello, we are welcoming 🤗 you to BlogStudies. Today if you are visiting BlogStudies, that means we together starting a journey towards your successful blogging career.

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BlogStudies is a great source and one-stop solution for WordPress beginners, those who are dreaming of being a successful blog entrepreneur. We are trying to have every resourceful content and the best WordPress tutorials.

We are here to guide all the beginners with no technical ground, aspiring WordPress bloggers, business owners, freelancers, and passionate writer who wish to have own website, but barely knows how to create a WordPress blog website.

When you finally up to start your own blog site or if you have endless questions in your mind related to WordPress and you got us on the internet, we ensure you that you have got your best friend in your new professional journey.

About Sandeep “A BlogStudies Voyage”

Sandeep - Framer and Founder of BlogStudies

Hello, please accept my greetings.

My name is Sandeep, I am the framer and founder of the BlogStudies. Particularly this name, and platform are quite new but the experience and continuous extensive work is done to establish this website are almost 10 years old.

I am writing passionately for the last 15 years. By profession, I was a marketing strategist. My job included to control and form digital marketing strategies, brand building via digital platforms, and to play with some other tools like Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, and social media management.

I have started a venture in 2014. It was quite successful, but it couldn’t give me professional satisfaction. Finally, I left it in 2017 and continue writing.

With a good knowledge of the internet and other tools, I have started learning WordPress and related tools.

In 2017, I realized that the content that I create solely does not belong to me only. Instead, I must share what I know with the beginners who want to learn.

In 2017, my first blog was launched, but it was an unsuccessful attempt. This failure gave me a reason to create BlogStudies, where I can guide beginners to avoid mistakes creating a WordPress blog, that I have done.

I believe in Do It Yourself, continue learning and sharing it with those who need it. BlogStudies is also focused on the same approach.

The content that we create is absolutely free, and always it will be😇.

So what are you waiting for?

Start Your WordPress Blog website now on your own.

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